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South Carolina Powerlifting is the home for lifters to find upcoming events in their local areas and surrounding states. It will also be a site that lifters can find  T-shirts and merchandise for sale supporting local vendors. Gary and Tricia Emrich have taken pride in making Powerlifting a great sport in South Carolina for the USPA. We have been here for the lifters and will continue to do what is expected to grow the sport.  We love the sport of powerlifting and have enjoyed meeting so many athletes that we would like to make the page about the lifters as well. South Carolina would like to acknowledge one athlete a month that has lifted at one of our meets. We will do a brief bio on that lifter and will do a new lifter each month.  We want to show that we support not only the sport but we support our lifters and want them to know that the hard work they put in is recognized.

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